Chilli Plants, Seeds and Artisan Sauces

growing, cooking, eating and talking about chillies is our passion
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Chilli Passion

Based just outside Kettering in a small village called Twywell. We have found a passion about growing, cooking, eating and educating everyone about the good old fashioned chilli. Everyone here loves to hear about the different varieties, subtle flavours, cooking and of course the heat from them.

Chilli Plants

We have a wide selection of chilli plants available for delivery in the local area. We can supply plants grown from seed from our own poly tunnels or sourced from an award winning supplier in Bedfordshire.

Chilli Seeds

An extensive range of chilli seeds to suit everyone’s tastes. For each variety we’ll give you an idea of how tall the plant might grow, in what band of heat the fruit will to be in, how difficult the seeds are to germinate and what the fruit will look like.

Chilli Seed Varieties



Chilli Plant Varieties

Try our Artisan Chilli Sauces

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We offer an extensive range of chilli plants all grown with great care and attention here at our Farm

James Totten, CHILLI TOTS UK