Chilli Plants

Chilli Plants and Plugs

We have a wide selection of chilli plants available for delivery in the local area.We can supply plants grown from our seed stock or from our award winning suppliers giving you peace of mind that the seed you receive are from top quality sources. All plants are grown organically from our own poly tunnels or sourced from local suppliers with the same environmental views. Whatever plant you get you will know what it is. From the the mild Bell Pepper to the hottest chilli in the world Carolina Reaper we have plants for all tastes. Visit our Facebook plant page to view our products.

We offer an extensive range of chillis all grown with great care and attention supplying seedlings of only the highest quality, packed and shipped in specialised packaging from recycled material that is also recyclable.We are always challenging ourselves to source more

Commercial Markets

We offer various quantities of chilli’s to suit the commercial market. We currently supply (when in season Chilli’s to Indian Restaurants) and our sauces in commercial sizes. We can supply to the artisan sauce maker and the humble chilli connoisseur. If you have any specific requirements please contact us through our enquiry page.

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